What does a Personal Care Agency Charge for Home Health Aid Services?

Nationwide in 2014, the average hourly amount paid for personal care, non-medical home care is $19, States averages ranging from $14 – $25. Home Care Aides usually visit an individual several times a week for periods lasting from 2-8 hours. Note, these are average costs from home care agencies. Private individuals can be retained to provide most of the same services with fees that are 10% -30% lower. However, these independents are typically uninsured, do not go through background checks. Home health aides visit the home as much as medically necessary; typically for shorter periods of time than home care aides. In 2014, nationwide, the average hourly fee is $20 and different state averages range from $15 – $26. Alzheimer’s care at home can be affordable and relatively low-cost when compared to residential care. Typically home care providers do not charge additional fees to care for individuals with Alzheimer’s. This is not the case in senior living residences where Alzheimer’s and dementia care usually costs an additional $1,150 per month.

Another option is providing Live-in Care services:
Live in Care Services are provided to seniors who need someone to be with them around-the-clock. Caregivers can work for several days at a time and must be provided with adequate sleeping arrangements. They are paid a daily salary, not an hourly rate. Usually, there is a rotating schedule between several caregivers who will rotate days for their services. If Hospice is involved in the care, they will work with the live-in Caregiver to provide caregiver training. A senior client must be to be comfortable with someone sharing their home. A client’s medical condition could change. It is possible for a Caregiver to provide services to a client throughout the night. If so there is around the clock services that are available as well.

General cost for Live-in Care services:
• Cost: $160 – $250 per day
• Schedule: Their will be a Minimum of two Caregivers assigned. They will rotate their days.
• Payment: In most cases a two-week deposit is required. Billing will occur weekly or every other week.
• Benefits of Live-in Care: The major benefit is no nursing home. Clients want to remain in their home. They can receive one on one care from a devoted caregiver and not be placed in a nursing home. All of this for less than what they would spend to be in a nursing home.

How does nursing homes and assisted living facilities compare when it comes to a Personal Care business?

The 2013 average cost of a private nursing home room ($258 a day/ $94,170 annually) has risen an average 3.6 percent per year
The 2013 average cost of a semi-private nursing home room ($227 a day/ $82,855 annually) has risen an average 3.6 percent per year
The 2013 average cost for a month in an assisted living facility ($3,427 a month/ $41,124 annually) has risen an average 2.0 percent per year
The 2013 average cost of adult day care ($71 a day/$18,460 annually) has risen an average of 1.6 percent per year
The 2013 average cost for a home health aide ($19 hourly/$29,640 annually) has risen an average 1.3 percent per year